Southland Sensing Support:

We have compiled a variety of resources to assist our customers. Whether it is finding a replacement sensor, help with your application or simply finding additional resources.

If you have any questions, please contact us and let one of our experienced support engineers assist you.

The following application notes are for reference only.  They should serve as a brief education and product selection guide.





We continue to update our frequently asked questions regularly.  Please check out the FAQ, to address many of the challenges faced by people just like you in the field.





Southland Sensing's cross reference charts are for process style (industrial) oxygen sensors. If you don't see a cross reference for the sensor you are looking for, contact us with the details and we will identify which SSO2 product meets your needs.




Also referred to as a vocabulary or definition of terms, we have put together some common terms that come up in reference to our precision O2 sensors.  If you run across a term you are not familiar with, contact us.